Easy Tips for Upcycling Jewelry

Upcycled jewelry or making some unique jewelry for myself is something I definitely like to do. Whether I make some repurposed jewelry out of random things from around your house or from damaged jewelry, I like it all the exact same.

In fact, I can not also recall the last time I acquired style jewelry at a huge box shop! I enjoy the feeling of wearing cuff bracelets or adorable necklaces that are distinctive to me.

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Such as this piece of Fordite. Not familiar with Fordite? Well, it’s a manmade “gemstone” that originates from old cars and truck manufacturing facilities. Layers as well as layers of cars and truck paint, accumulated over time. The layers are reduced as well as polished by jewelry musicians, isn’t that fantastic?

Repurposing old jewelry or damaged jewelry is a wonderful way to renew a rather piece. There are lots of armband ideas and also necklace suggestions for any sort of style that you like. As well as obviously, rings, earrings, as well as pins or brooches, also!

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So, what type of upcycled jewelry will YOU be making in the future? Here are some other jewelry making suggestions to obtain your creative juices moving:

  • Create pair necklaces by upcycling a pair of vintage earrings or using the same pattern of antique flatware;
  • Armband ideas with uncommon elements, such as old guitar strings;
  • Repurposing classic switches into a pendant or charming armband; or
  • Locket necklace paired with antique rosary beads.
Remember when I said the sky’s the limit when it concerns repurposed jewelry or upcycled jewelry? I wasn’t kidding, was I?

These “coins” started as vintage metal buttons if you can think of it.

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Hope this inspires you to check out jewelry-making supplies in different ways. And to get hold of any type of damaged jewelry when you see it on the cheap at second-hand stores or antique malls! You can always salvage parts from that, too.

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