Avoid These 5 Things When Making Jewelry!

I demonstrated all of the what NOT to dos, and showed how to turn a jewelry-making DON’T into a jewelry-making DO.

One of the most vital takeaway messages: The best beading wire + the ideal crimp bead/tube + the right Crimp Tool = the best jewelry!

  1. Don’t use a chain nose or level nose pliers to squash the crimp. Always use a crimp tool rather.

When you squash the wires in the crimp, not just is it likely that they are crossed, but when you wreck the crimp down, it breaks the wires resulting in the weakening and splitting of the cords. When you make use of a crimp tool, the wires are nestled independently on each side of the crimp. No additional tension is put on the wires, so they are a lot less likely to break.

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  1. Don’t add a clasp without leaving a shake of space on the strand of beads. The grains need an area to move when the clasp is attached.

You require to shake space in both locations to maintain stress off of the wire and to provide the grains room to take a breath. Grain Bumpers are a terrific means to include that shake space into the beaded design.

  1. Don’t guess on the size of crimp grains & tubes. Inspect the label on the Beadalon Beading Wire for the right dimension to utilize.
  2. Don’t use one crimp tool for all projects. The Micro, Standard, and also Mighty Crimper job specifically for particular sizes of crimp beads/tubes.
  3. Do not stick with dimension beading wire for all styles. Pick the largest size that will fit the smallest grain opening utilized in your layout.
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This is a very essential suggestion for lessening the chance of damage. I use a. 024 49 Strand Wire for nearly all of my styles because I primarily string with Swarovski Crystal Beads as well as gemstones.

Phew! That’s a lot of details for such an apparently easy part of beading. Yet, it truly is one of the most vital parts of jewelry layout. Taking a little added time with your finishing technique will go a long way towards making jewelry designs that last and also last!

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