Pro Tips for Making Handmade Earrings

If you’ve ever thought of learning how to wire stones to make jewelry, however, didn’t understand how to start, you’ve come to the right place. Making jewelry out of wire and stones is in fact a lot easier than it sounds. By learning this strategy, you can develop stunning and special jewelry using simply a few basic materials. In fact, all you need to get started is a stone, some wire, and two types of pliers. You don’t need solders and burners! We will not solder anything!

Materials needed in DIY the simple wire wrap earrings:

Wire wrap earrings. A set of hand tools.

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To make earrings, we need a bead with a hole in the stone and a 1 mm (18 га) thick copper wire. You can change the copper wire with another wire. Typically I utilize long pieces of wire. You can constantly cut off an excess wire at the end of the job.

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For my jewelry, I utilize only natural wire (copper, nickel silver, bronze, brass, silver). I patinate jewelry with wire with unique services and polish with felt circles using polishing pastes. Sometimes, so that the wire does not darken gradually, I coat the metal with a unique varnish.

I like to age jewelry. I likewise like to patinate the wire and after that polish it.
There are lots of methods to patinate the wire. For instance, the sulfuric liver can be utilized. You can buy and utilize ready-made services for blackening the wire.

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I often use ammonia to patinate copper wire. In Russia, bottles of ammonia are offered in pharmacies. I pour ammonia into a glass jar. I hang the product over the ammonia solution. The decor should not touch the surface of the ammonia! After a couple of minutes, the copper starts to darken and takes on a gorgeous brown color.

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